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Moksa University will be reopening on Dreamwidth in the near future as a panfandom university dressing room at [community profile] moksa_university.

All community entries have been moved over via the community import process. Former players can edit any entry they created by logging in with Dreamwidth's OpenID function, or can contact moksa.mods at Gmail to request an entry be taken down. Once everything has been set up and taken care of, the original Livejournal communities will be scrapped.

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Merry ~Christmas~, everyone! I hope you enjoy your ~presents~.

[[If you haven't picked days for your characters, it's not too late to do so. Otherwise, you can assume that some NPCs also are being gift spammed.]]

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you want me to do what now?!
What's up with the over the top decorations?

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It's been rather quiet here recently, and I'm getting rather bored of the dorms.  There is nothing exciting about them at all.  Would anyone be interested in doing some kind of painting to decorate the place with?  Either that or we could decorate with something else.  It never hurts to be in good spirits.

Has made his way across campus, observing what people he does from the buildings and has found his way to the dorms, coming upon a room unoccupied as he goes inside, checks it out for a moment, then heads towards the bathroom area for a hot shower. Hasn't quite grasped everything that's happened, but he'll go along with it for the time being.

After the shower, he decides to do a bit more exploring around the campus to get a better sense of his new surroundings.

[She stares at the school, of course, it's an university, as the acceptance letter had summed up, and so far, she wasn't as amused as she thought she was. Though she had to say, the school itself was pretty much not like any other school she had ever seen, being that all she had seen were junior high schools, the one she attended with Hisa-chan, and then there's the high school that she had just attended a year ago or so. Now, this.]

So, I ditched my sisters and Hisa-chan for this?

[Ditch really shouldn't be used here, she had contemplated, being so that she had not ditched them, but merely been dragged here out of her own will. Or maybe the acceptance letter had been too tempting for her to take, as the previous night, her sisters were giddy and gleeful about Anita being accepted to such a extravagant school. Ha. Should they see this, they'd be surprised.]

Oh well. First things first, I gonna get my stuff ready and check out my room. I'm so tired. I just hope that I have brought enough paper to last me a while. Then I'll check out the library...haha.

[Nope, being swallowed by a rabbit-creature was NOT fun.]

Hello [again].
 Well, well, it appears once again I am back here of all places. I'm dreadfully curious how exactly you mortals have managed to survive in perpetual boredom?
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Things here have been quiet.  Almost too quiet.  I do hope it's not the calm before the storm.

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It's almost Halloween!  You know what Halloween means!  Pumpkins, costumes, and most important of all, Trick or Treating!  Of course trick or treating means candy!  Lots and lots of delicious candy!

watanuki - nothing is coincidence
[the following is both broadcast over the campus' newly-restored PA system, and as a voice post on the journal networks. See the OOC comm for further details.]

Ah... I've never had to do something like this before, so please, forgive my inexperience.

My name is Watanuki. The former headmistress is... isn't capable of continuing her duties right now, so I'll be the new caretaker of the university. Please, treat me kindly.

I'm very sorry for what everyone's had to go through over the last few days. The campus has been restored to normal - all of the buildings should be back where they belong, and the staff should be back, too. If any of them are really deeply asleep, don't worry about that; they should wake up soon. If anyone has any really serious problems or injuries, report them to the administrative office right away.

Classes are cancelled until further notice, and the pubs and the café will have to be closed for a few days. If anyone took anything from the buildings when things started disappearing, the price is waived. Mokona and Maru and Moro will be around the campus to help, so don't be afraid to talk to them.

Again, I'm really very sorry.

"Welcome to Moksa University, a new and rather different kind of institution..."

[ Bishop Lance is clutching his welcome letter ]


[ He's standing in the campus quadrangle - or what would be the quadrangle, were the buildings still in place. Instead, all he sees are empty foundations, open trenches in the ground, and the now derelict-appearing administrative building ]

" wouldn't have been able to come here at all if there wasn't something in this place for you to learn."

Learn? Here? How?

[ He reads the rest of his letter; then stuffs it in his pocket ]

So. I'm trapped. On an island. Because I'm supposed to "learn something." At a university that doesn't even exist anymore!


[ Sniff! ] alone.

[ A sudden gust of wind blows his curl and his voluminous robes all around. There's a storm coming. ]

[action post]
blood is part of the job
What is wrong with this picture?!  [slams the tray down on an empty table in the cafeteria] 

This is even more creepy than not finding any people on a freaking submarine!  Where is everyone?!  I'm hungry damn it! 

Where is everyone? Why are all the buildings disappearing? Why is there no one in the mess hall?! I'm hungry! [is pouting and whining] I even did my homework this time!!!! This just isn't fair!?

Does anyone know what is going on?!

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~Just~ because our ~classroom~ and most of campus are gone ~doesn't~ mean we should stop ~learning~. I expect my Anatomy students to meet me in the main hall at our ~usual~ class time and we'll ~find~ somewhere that ~hasn't~ vanished to have class.

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the deep sorrow in my heart
Has... has anyone seen Castor...?

[Buildings disappearing and Castor is no where to be found.]

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You have my word that it will not happen again.


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